Discount Diamonds

Most diamonds imported to the US come from Israel where we visited a cutting factory that shuns tourists and where security is personified. This was a buying trip to a world diamond source; a company that deals directly with DeBeers for diamond rough, then cuts, polishes, and markets their "goods" to select merchandisers.


Diamonds in any size, shape and quality can be purchased here far below prices charged by the notorious New York diamond wholesalers.


Due to this buying power we can sell to the public for up to 50% below most retail stores including their "sales" and discounts. We guarantee the lowest price on diamonds, precious stones, custom jewelry and repairs.

Our company, Jewel Tech began in 1979 and is now the largest volume Jewelry repair shop NE Florida. We specialize in large size diamonds and generally stock all sizes up to five carat.

If you are in the market for a diamond, you owe it to yourself to shop us and see our latest shipment direct from the cutting factory.